The Summer Collection

Every Seasonal Collection is curated to provide you with moments of comfort, joy, & inspiration, throughout the year, while celebrating & honoring the natural shifts of the Sun.


Summer is a lively time. A revitalizing time. A time to indulge in nature's beauty & bounty. A time to explore, to love, and to rekindle our relationship with the planet.

Welcome To The Moon Den

Here you'll find a devotion to Nature & Cosmos.
To what is simple & sacred.

All wares are handmade with love & reverence, some crafted during specific astro elections, others designed to honor seasonal moments as experienced in (most of) the Northern Hemisphere.

I trust that every offering you see here will bring comfort & joy, and inspire you to remember & embrace the natural magic within you & around you. 

A Maker's Log, Ceremonial Astronomy Practices, Guided Meditations, & more can be found at the Articles page.

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Green Leaves : Gold sun (June 2022)