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A devotion to Nature, Magick, & Presence.
Lovingly hand-made goods, including coveted soy candles, are crafted in ritual, to offer support, comfort, healing, enchantment, and inspiration.

From my sacred space to yours.



Like a familiar, reliable friend, each seasonal item is crafted to support you through every turn of the wheel.


The Winter Collection has been curated to soothe heart, mind, & soul during the longest nights of the year. Whether you are seeking a festive holiday aroma, a Saturnian companion, or a candle for comfort . . may every fragrance remind you to breathe, as we welcome the Solstice & the lengthening of days.

Midnight Frost Candle
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. . .Breathe Easy. . .

All Scented Wax Products are made using Additive-Free Biodegradable American Grown Soy Wax, Phthalate-Free Essential Oil Based Fragrance Blends, Lead/Metal -Free Cotton Wicks, & Reusable Glass Jars. 

Candle Dressings & Herbal Blends are made using Ethically Sourced Organic & Pesticide-Free Herbs, Flowers, Dried Fruits, & Plant Material.

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. . .Find Your Joy. . .

I believe in energy & intention. I work extensively with each release before it is listed to ensure every finished product will bring great joy to its new home. Each creation begins as a hope & dream, to help you explore & embrace the magic within & around you. The creations you'll find here are made with deep love, gratitude, & respect.. for the process, the item, and for you.

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. . .Trust The Process. . .

All orders are packaged with biodegradable packing peanuts & in most cases, items are wrapped in recyclable perforated packaging paper. The safety of your new goods is of utmost importance, so there are designated packing & shipping days. Orders generally arrive within 2 weeks from the date they are placed. See the Policies page for more.

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. . .Connect. . .

In addition to the virtual shop.. community gatherings, workshops, & 1:1 sessions are also held in The Moon Den, including Candle Lighting Celebrations, Meditation Groups, & more. To learn more about my teaching style / approach, visit my bio.

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