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About The Moon Den


Each creation begins as a dream. A hope. An intention. They are never hastily or impulsively brought to life. They are made in devotion. They are tried & true.


There is deep love, gratitude, & respect; for the process, the offering, & for you, the recipient, that goes into each release - whether it is a returning seasonal ware or a meticulously thought out limited release.

With reverence & humble confidence, I trust that the goods you find here will provide comfort & support, and inspire you to explore & embrace the natural magic within you & around you.

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It's lovely to meet you. All creations found within The Moon Den are solely & meticulously conceived, designed, crafted, packaged, & shipped by me. Early on, my husband & artist in the family, Dominick Cali, assisted me greatly, but over the years, my painstakingly particular desires have led me to becoming a one-woman operation {though there are obstacles from time to time, which he is always eager to help resolve!}.

I am a Ceremonial Astronomer, Musician, & Writer, with a background of 12+ years in Eastern Philosophy & Energy Work. I was once a very clinical skeptic, and am now a very, very clinical Ritualist.


Alyssa Citarella

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I also have a background in Food Service & from this, my appreciation for quality ingredients was formed.


~Herbal goods are made using ethically sourced, organic, & pesticide-free plant materials.

~Wax-based goods are crafted using additive-free, biodegradable, US-grown soy wax; and in the case of colored-wax, only natural dye blocks are used. Wicks do not contain any metals or lead. All glass containers are reusable.

~Fragrance oil blends are phthalate-free, essential oil-based, & body-safe. 

~Oil blends are in most cases solar-infused, otherwise pressed after one full solar season.


Lastly, packaging peanuts are biodegradable & perforated packaging paper is recyclable on the same day as cardboard.

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Why, The Moon Den?

The Moon has, in many ways, always inspired & enchanted me.

As a child, it seemed so wild & incredible that such a thing might float through the sky.. seemingly at random! Watching the Moon rise was my first introduction to Ceremonial Astronomy, unbeknownst to my 15 year old self. Years later I would come to know my Natal Chart Ruler to be The Moon, & I'd develop a practice, deeply committed to living in tune with her cycles. How curious, that my parents unknowingly nicknamed me, "Moonbeam", as a baby! There is a deep connection to family of course, which I discuss more explicitly in my bio.

The Moon Den itself refers to the space I do physically occupy whilst creating, meditating, and tending to my studies. Moon Den Candles are in truth, my way of sharing this space with you.

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4.15.22 ~ Libra Full Moon Rising in Peekskill, NY

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