Inspired by the seasons, the cosmos, and all of life’s fleeting moments, each Moon Den candle is crafted from a desire to embrace & explore the magic within & around us. They are made in small batches, infused with unique essential oil-based fragrance blends, and dressed with ethically sourced herbs & flowers.

Each listing offers 7, 9, & 16 oz jars

7oz candles make a wonderful short use candles & should be lit for 1 to 3 hours

9 & 16oz candles are intended for larger rooms & should be lit for 2 to 5 hours

There is meaning behind the name & aromatic profile of every candle, as well as numerous ritual uses, and all orders include a written meditation, allowing you to truly make each candle your own. 


Indulge in a little magick, or simply indulge in the intriguing & comforting aromas you’ll find in The Moon Den!