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An Introduction To Mercury Cycles & Secondary Motion

Astronomy informs our Astrology! This is my first video trial, recording without any notes or other references, but I thought it was a take worth sharing !

The Mercury Cycle

A complete Mercury Cycle, from Inferior Conjunction (alignment of Earth-Mercury-Sun) to Inferior Conjunction, takes about 116 Earth Days. This cycle repeats 3 times each (Earth) year.

Mercury is always within a limit of 28 degrees from the Sun, thus, only visible during twilight times. Just before sunrise as a Morning Star & just after sunset as an Evening Star.

The cycle is as follows:

Inferior Conjunction / Morning Star Phase Begins / Mercury Resumes Direct (Prograde) Motion / Morning Star Phase Ends / Superior Conjunction / Evening Star Phase Begins / Mercury Moves Retrograde / Evening Star Phase Ends / & repeat !

Retrograde Motion

The Inferior Conjunction occurs during the Retrograde Period (RXP) of the cycle. During this RXP, Mercury *appears* to be moving backwards in our sky due to a shift in our terrestrial perspective.

The planetas, wandering stars, travel along the cosmic racetrack of the Ecliptic - or along the zodiac - in a West to East motion, orbiting the Sun at their own *standard* speed. As Mercury approaches the Inferior Conjunction, at which point it is closest to Earth in its orbit, it begins to slow down.

For example, on 1/23, the upcoming Inferior Conjunction, Mercury's speed will be negative 1 degree & 17 arc minutes per day! In contrast, at the time of the Superior Conjunction on 4/2 ,Mercury's speed will be 2 degrees & about 5 arc minutes per day!

Think of driving on the highway. All cars are driving *forwards*, yet, if you pass a vehicle, they briefly seem to be falling behind. It is simply an illusion due to shifts in speed & perspective.

Upcoming RXP Dates

In 2022, RXP Inferior Conjunctions will occur at the following Tropical Zodiac Degrees:

3* Aquarius on 1/23/22

0* Gemini on 5/21/22

0* Libra on 9/23/22

**Note- Every year, all 3 Mercury RXPs occur within signs of a single element!**

Closing Thoughts

Let this be an invitation to watch & witness Mercury Descend & Ascend. To see the above in the below & the below in the above. To meditate on the importance of both the inward & the outward journeys.

Is there something more you seek to know? Or a piece of the puzzle missing from this explanation?Comments & Questions are welcome below!

Until next time ~

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