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Candle Care

1. Let It Burn

The first time you light your candle, it is crucial that you allow it to form a full melt pool before extinguishing. If you cannot dedicate the time to this first "memory burn", be patient (!) and wait to light your candle, otherwise you may be left with a constant buildup of wax along the sides of the jar (tunneling). A general rule of thumb is 1 hour per inch (diameter).

2. Let It Sit

Do not touch or move candles while they are lit or immediately after they are extinguished to avoid dropping, spilling, or breaking your candle. If you must move your candle, do so by bringing your palm near the glass first, to judge how hot it is before moving it (see image).

**Post-Burn Notes

These are small batch goods made by hand using all natural materials, so they may sometimes appear "imperfect". Additive-free soy wax will appear cracked & crystallized after solidifying. This is simply proof that the wax has not been tampered with. Sometimes wicks will dislodge because I use an all natural adhesive rather than toxic glue, but once the candle begins to cool you can swirl the wax a bit to realign the wick to center, or use a toothpick to do so. In the case that your candle appears to tunnel, this can be fixed by gently swirling the wax around the edges of the container, and wrapping a sheet of aluminum foil around the upper portion of the jar (some foil extending upwards of the jar about 2 inches).

3. Trim Your Wick

Before you re-light your candle, always trim your wick to remove any carbon buildup (mushrooms). This will ensure cleaner burns, reduce smoke, & help your candle last. Natural carbon balls may or may not form & trimming might not be necessary, so always be mindful of how the wick appears before lighting. Also, if only 3/4” of wax or less remains, I have personally left a bit of carbon on the wick in an effort to have it burn longer.

4. Reuse

Once you’ve depleted your candle of its wax, you can clean out the jar & use the container for storage or display purposes. If there appears to be a decent amount of wax at the very bottom of the jar, additionally you might choose to place your candle on a wax warmer. Candle jars make wonderful homes for dried herbs, crystals, art supplies, and so much more.


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