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Maker's Log: Mason Jars, Tea Lights, & Sample Sets


Yesterday, I released the 2021 Winter Collection .. but.. you may have noticed something was missing.

Well, Seasonal Sampler Sets, Ritual Sets, & Hearth Sets are all present & accounted for, so what am I talking about ?!

Classic Mason Jars have been unavailable since early August.

Since mid 2020, supply & demand issues have given many small businesses a crash course on the lessons of impermanence. We've faced increases in material costs, decreases in material availability, and not to mention, an uprise in competition. I'd be oblivious if I thought candle-making was a unique art. There are plenty of inspiring small business doing the work to supply their clientele with quality products, as well as many hobbyists - supplying family & friends with homemade creations for special occasions. To be completely candid, it has always confused me when hobbyists begin to assume the role of business owner. But, that's neither here nor there, as the fact remains; here we are, post pandemic, and it's nearly impossible to rely on vendors. So, for many small businesses, new challenges arise more often than we'd wish.

Earlier this year I made the switch to cork lids. This was an unplanned, quick fix, when bronze flat lids were suddenly nowhere to be found. Luckily I was able to find a provider of cork lids, and in fact, I've come to prefer them, as have many of my repeat customers!

This year, well, right now, I'm making another switch. From 7oz Mason Jars to 8ct Tea Light Boxes. I hope this is temporary, as I honestly adore the Mason Jars. I've always used them upon my altar & work desk. They're perfect for intimate moments when I want a candle close by & only plan to burn it for an hour or so.

I'll continue to wish for the return of the Mason Jars & I hope you enjoy the tea-light sets for the time being !!

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