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Venus & Jupiter Meet At Dawn: Guiding Lights Above

But first, a song to send us off....

On April 30th (2022) above the eastern pre-dawn horizon, Venus will pass Jupiter... their celestial bodies, for a brief time, nearly aligned at 357 degrees ecliptic longitude; 27 degrees Tropical Pisces.

I did a bit of research, because this feels mysteriously auspicious that the two should meet in this way, as morning stars, in such a sign, that of Pisces.

The tables below are my findings.

The last time Venus & Jupiter rendezvoused in the sign of Pisces in the pre-dawn sky was April 22nd, 1998. The next time this will occur - visible to the naked eye - will be March 17th, 2081.


Will I find myself at 91, driving to the edge of the island, to watch these ethereal wanderers dance above the Atlantic Ocean, reminiscing about this moment?

Reviewing these tables reminds me that no matter how consistent some cycles are, there is still so much magic in the natural world. So much we do not know. So much to be inspired by.

Add to that fact, a Solar Eclipse occurring almost simultaneously, in the domain of Taurus. Sun & Moon answer to Venus here... and where is the goddess? Swirling through cobalt & ultraviolet waves.


With the rarity of this astronomical configuration, we set out to Montauk Point at 2:50am, hour of Venus, on Thursday, day of Jupiter. Synchronistic timing, which more than anything else was due to the inconsistency of cloud coverage. Would there be any visibility the day of the conjunction? Would we miss it entirely? To meet the two as they applied to this aspect... Venus approaching Jupiter.. was the moment I deemed worth losing sleep for.

Sub par iphone photos galore!

The light of Venus outshines all others. Even waltzing above the Earth, at the arm of mighty Jupiter, her luminous glow is unparalleled. Jupiter - who astrophysicists have determined was once en-route to becoming a second Sun! What do the two speak of in such close quarters? What dreams to they share whilst floating through salty piscean seas? Does Aphrodite confide in her father, Zeus, asking for assistance & support to accomplish all she aspires to?

If Venus is our inner yearning to seek peace, harmony, & beauty... and Jupiter is our ability to grow into our potential with reverence & joy... and we find the two united... both seeking something greater than themselves... something meaningful... something numinous... something transcendent... and if that which is below is like that which is above... how can we honor this story in our own terrestrial experience?

Two guiding lights at dawn. Two radiant jewels. Two aspects of ourselves.

I have Venus in Pisces exactly trine Jupiter in Cancer in my own natal chart, and their relationship speaks volumes to me. I consider my own empathetic nature - which at times has led to growing pains & important life lessons. I reflect on the ways in which I avoid superficiality & shallow exchanges. I consider the way in which I must always surround myself with that which brings me peace ... and I reflect on how, by paying tribute to my inner Venus, I create harmony within, enabling my inner Jupiter to thrive. Consciously acknowledging all I have to be grateful for & all I am capable of.

For there are potential pitfalls even with two benefic (favorable) planets.

Imagine the worst incarnation of the two. A selfish princess, donned in furs & emeralds, vain as ever, beside the throne of her father. He is no better. Constantly attempting to overturn nearby cities. Refusing to heed the objective insight of his council. Seeking only power & fortune. Things can go awry quite quickly if we are not mindful.

Still, creative potential is high, and depending on where this aspect plays out in your own chart, there could be a world of resplendence ahead.

Venus Lucifer, as she is known as the Morning Star, has been gracing the pre-dawn skies since early January of this year (after her inferior conjunction with the Sun). Come October, she will oppose Jupiter (10/1/22) as she transitions to Venus Hesperus, the Evening Star, adorned in twilight robes of dusk.

How curious, the timing of her transformation.

I took this photo on January 23rd at 6:31am in our front yard. Venus moving retrograde through Tropical Capricorn, following the Sun's December Solstice path. It was my very first meeting with the Morning Star.

As Venus Lucifer, she is expressive & confident. She fights for her feelings. As Venus Hesperus, her focus is more sympathetic. Her nature is softer & more refined. Both are required over the course of a life, as duality is an inherent component of the human experience.

& what an experience to meet her in the sky. To celebrate her rising.


I had spent more time last year communing with Jupiter, as was simply the nature of 2021's night sky configurations. Always near to Saturn; their shape easily recognizable regardless of the hour. I am still contemplating his duality within this same diurnal/nocturnal thinking.

The picture below is from June 28th, 2021. Apologies for the blurry resolution, but imagine the moment!! At the time Jupiter was moving retrograde through Tropical Pisces.


Sometimes I get lost in my own equations. I wonder what the f**k is the point of it all?

Reflecting on these experiences & the personal realizations they've led to is a reminder enough.

Because I am Venus. I am Jupiter. I am Mars. I am the Sun & Moon. I am Saturn & Mercury.

& so are you.

So, consider this an invitation - one which I will offer time & time again (sorry, not sorry!) - to meet the wandering stars. To meet those who we speak of & write of. The archetypes which exist within us all.

Love & Candlelight,

~ Alyssa


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