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Meeting Celestial Bodies At The Rise

Greetings ~

It's been cloudy all week.. barely any visibility... but when I left my house to deliver candles, I met the Moon !

This video will show you how to estimate whether or not you will be able to meet celestial bodies, based on degrees from the horizon (the Ascendant in the chart). I mention that there are many factors that will determine whether or not you will truly be able to see a planet or our Moon, but a standard rule of thumb (lol!) is to measure using your hands !

Why estimate? Well, for one - it's Winter in many Northern Hemisphere places !! We don't have the luxury that we do in the Summer of simply running outside to check the sky. Two - as Astrologers, the chart is a good place to start. Of course, our goal is to rely less on the chart & the small screen. But it is helpful to begin with the familiar.

Here is a screenshot of the chart at the moment this video was taken. We see the Moon, 13 degrees from the Ascendant.

In this example - I determine that (for the most part) at this location, I will be able to meet celestial bodies almost immediately after they cross the AC.

Familiarizing ourselves with our environment allows us to engage with / build a relationship with the sky, planets, Moon, and the deeper parts of our hearts & minds.

*Note - if you are using Whole Sign Houses (which I personally reserve for Natal Analysis) the chart will not mirror the sky in this exact fashion. Just be sure the Ascendant is labeled ! The 12/1 Cusp will not be the horizon, as it will most likely be found within the realm of the 1st House.

To make your astronomy studies a bit easier, you can play with Placidus or Porphyry Houses. I use Porphyry, as that is the system handed down to me from my teacher Gemini Brett. It divides the quadrants of the chart evenly, as measured from the Midheaven. More on that in another video !

See you next time !

~ Alyssa

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