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Meeting Mars: Weapon Out & Belly In

But first a song to send us off...

No matter how many times I perform the same acts.. the same restock ritual routine.. sometimes approaches simply shift, for no other reason than it is just time... & for some reason... it always seems to be led by Mars.

So, for the first time, I am writing about my process. Who will read it? I haven't the slightest clue. Who will care? I suppose we shall find out.


On 4/26 (2022), a Tuesday, the planetary day of Mars - during his hour, with Scorpio Rising - with transit Mars trine the Ascendant... I began to craft a new batch of the Mars Herbal Blend. The moment arrived with minimal preparation, which I suppose is very Martian in & of itself.

To serenade these creations : Invincible by Tool (which I use often, as I find it to be a most significant Mars theme).


Mars became a Morning Star last November & has since; embraced Venus, stood toe to toe with Saturn, and most recently the red planet has been rising in the east while Royal Star Regulus (Watcher of the North) sets in the west. Soon Mars will return to his own domain, permitting Jupiter entrance into the first decan of Tropical Aries on May 30th.

With Mars nearing perigee & his retrograde through Gemini on-order, I'm feeling new projects on the rise. The Mars Meditation Circles, held in 2020, were deemed healing, supportive, & meaningful by all who were kind enough to write in to review the sessions. As a Solar Aries with an Aquarian Mars in the Eighth, my ambitions are often connected to the greater good of the collective. But, I speak from experience when I say, no matter how driven you believe you are, the volatility of that inner fire will always ebb & flow. But, Mars cannot abide lethargy. Nor does he tolerate complacency.


My Mars creations will fluctuate in availability, as they are made in small specific batches. The candles are still unreleased, but the Herbal Blend is currently available in limited quantities (as mentioned earlier in this post). It features a blend of Wormwood, Dragon's Blood resin powder, & Nettle Leaf. It is a simple, yet potent combination of traditional correspondences.

I craft these Martian tools with deep, deep reverence for that which is an integral aspect of my own psyche & personhood.


Google “Mars Energy” and your results will be be riddled with the words “anger, violence, and sex”. There’s an assumption that astrology is nothing more than sun sign horoscopes, but this is simply the uninformed tip of the iceberg.

Through Mars we learn power & sexuality, sure. But here there is longing. There is struggle. There is mastery of the senses. I personally associate Mars with the Yogic Limb of Pratyahara. An invitation to learn more about our impulses & desires.

These offerings are for the Martian energy within us all. The energy which empowers. They are an invitation to channel & embody the purest incarnation of the archetype himself. The warrior within.


Use these wares any time you seek a bit of fire, any time your energy is waning, or any time you require a boost of motivation. Honor Mars on his day, during his hour, or during a significant transit unique to you.


Mars holds the sword which marks his boundary. The athame which pays tribute. The dagger which protects. The blade which separates. The torch which burns bridges. The candle flame which enchants.

It is one thing to possess a weapon. But, how will you wield it?

Selfishly? Recklessly? Compassionately? Honorably? Will you act on physical principles? Spiritual ones? Emotional ones? To be aware & conscious of the full spectrum of possibility is to know the scope of Mars' potential.

Currently he moves through the second of three liminal Piscean pools. A place he is indifferent towards. It is the landscape which precedes "home". A weary, tender Mars, treads through dark waters, unable to sense the transition of sea to sky to solid ground. Judgement, cloudy. Sensitivity, heightened. Often, Mars is first to act. First to jump into the fray. Sometimes, however, it is crucial to wait out the storm. There are moments when Mars knows not act at all, but to observe. To plan. To be patient.

Honor your inner warrior in all his forms.



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