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Royal blue soy wax is fragranced with the correspondences clove & chestnut, and is dressed with crushed clove. Let it be a reminder to meet Jupiter in the sky. To think of his benevolence on his day or his hour. To be a friend to your faith. To feel inspired. To know your potential, but to have humility.


This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

  • Crafted in ritual using the following eco-friendly & cruelty free ingredients:

    ✦ Biodegradable, American Grown, Additive-Free Soy Wax

    ✦ Phthalate-free, essential oil-based, & body-safe fragrance blends

    ✦ Lead-Free Cotton Wicking

    ✦ Organic & Pesticide-Free Plant Material

    ✦ Reusable Glass Jar

  • Orders are fulfilled & dispatched within 12 days of being received.

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