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The Moon

The Moon

PriceFrom $15.00

My hope is that once you've acquired a Moon Candle, you'll seek out the moon. In the sky & in your self. You'll remember to breathe. You'll pursue moments of wonder.


Its blend of traditional lunar oils, including Eucalyptus, and its dressing of crushed Jasmine flowers, offers a calming ambiance while doubling as a planetary talisman.

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Crafted in ritual using the following eco-friendly & cruelty free ingredients:

✦ Biodegradable, American Grown, Additive-Free Soy Wax

✦ Phthalate-free, essential oil-based, & body-safe fragrance blends

✦ Lead-Free Cotton Wicking

✦ Organic & Pesticide-Free Plant Material

✦ Reusable Glass Jar

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