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A talismanic tribute to Venus in all her forms, crafted with corresponding oils including cardamom, and dressed with crushed rose petals.


Above us, the light of Venus outshines all others. Within us she governs our inner yearning to find peace, harmony, love, & beauty in our lives. Perhaps the most coveted, sparkling jewels of the human realm.


{An overly simplified introduction for our purpose here, of course!}


To set fire to the wick is to celebrate her. Setting aside time to do so can help cultivate a deeper understanding of this very complex archetype. In time we all find our preferred ways to work with the goddess, and it is my hope that these candles become a joyful addition to those rituals.


Let this wax be an offering as you welcome her into your heart and seek out her stories.

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Crafted in ritual using the following eco-friendly & cruelty free ingredients:

✦ Biodegradable, American Grown, Additive-Free Soy Wax

✦ Phthalate-free, essential oil-based, & body-safe fragrance blends

✦ Lead-Free Cotton Wicking

✦ Organic & Pesticide-Free Plant Material

✦ Reusable Glass Jar

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