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The Sun

The Sun

PriceFrom $15.00

I invite you to meet the Sun.


To watch where it rises & sets.


To come to know its annual & daily rhythms.


To notice the shifting of the light.


& here is something to reconnect you.


Crafted with Chamomile & Vanilla, a traditional solar blend.


Dressed with St. John's Wort.


Poured on the day of the Sun, when the Sun shines from the Midheaven, directly toward the heart of Earth.

Small Jars

  • 2.50" Tall

  • 1.75" Diameter

  • 3oz Weight

  • Burn 60-120 minutes

  • Ideal for short rituals, workings, or practices

Large Jars

  • 4" Tall

  • 3" Diameter

  • 10oz Weight

  • Burn 3-6 hours

  • Ideal for longer ceremonies, or channeling the energy of a planet

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