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Orders ship via USPS Priority (which includes tracking), and are fulfilled & dispatched within 12 days of being received.

Your support & patience means the world, and I promise your new goods will be worth the wait.

There is always the chance that an order might be delayed, especially surrounding the late December / early January weeks, and unfortunately we are both at the mercy of the carrier with this.


The safety of your new goods is of utmost importance & no order is ever assembled or packaged without complete attention & care. Therefore, no refunds or returns will be granted outside of the exceptions below.

In the event that an order was incorrectly assembled (as compared to the purchase receipt) please email me immediately upon opening your package for further assistance:

In the event that an item is damaged, a 50% refund in the form of a store coupon will be issued ONLY if an image of the untouched item (still resting in its packaging) is emailed to within 7 days of delivery. I understand how frustrating this can be & am happy to offer this resolution.


I accept venmo, paypal, and credit cards (via paypal).

**Note that you are able to check out as a paypal 'guest' if you do not wish to create an account, upon which you will enter your credit card information. Paypal Split Payments are also offered.


All candles are handmade using all natural materials, so you can expect to see things like rough pitted tops after burning, which are no cause for concern & simply ensure that no harmful additives or chemicals have been used to altar the natural state of the wax. Always be sure to trim carbon buildup from the wick before relighting & always be sure to allow your candle to liquify completely during the first burn. For more view the Candle Care Page.


Does The Moon Den ship outside of the US?
I currently only ship within the US & Canada.
International shipping options can be discussed on a case by case basis. Just fill out the Contact Form.

What should I do with my candles once they no longer usable?
Once the wick has been burned through, you can use a wax warmer to continue melting the last bits of wax.
Cleaning wax residue is easiest when using rubbing alcohol & paper towels... there is actually no need to use soap or water!
I always encourage the repurposing of jars, otherwise they are 100% recyclable. 

My candle seems to be tunneling...what should I do?
Luckily this is usually an easy fix!
Take a sheet of aluminum foil and form a tube-like structure around the top of the jar.
Holding the candle from the base of the jar, gently swirl the melted wax in a circular motion for a few moments.
Place back down, securing foil around the edge of the top of the jar & allow to burn until caked wax begins to melt.
Click here for more info on Candle Care.

Something else you'd like to see answered here? Fill out the Contact Form.

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