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These orange talismanic candles, fragranced with lavender & sandalwood, poured and dressed with Marjoram on Mercury's Day, are crafted in honor of..


The Magician.

The Psychopomp.





Messenger of the gods, travelling from Olympus to the Underworld. Emissary of the luminaries, transmitting solar & lunar principles back down to Earth (see the symbols of Moon, Sun, & Cross of Matter within his glyph?). Teacher of astronomy, astrology, mathematics, medicine, and magick. Spirit of air & intellect. Guardian of commerce, communication, and trade. Trickster in the sky, disappearing into the western sky at sunset & reappearing before sunrise in the east.

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Crafted in ritual using the following eco-friendly & cruelty free ingredients:

✦ Biodegradable, American Grown, Additive-Free Soy Wax

✦ Phthalate-free, essential oil-based, & body-safe fragrance blends

✦ Lead-Free Cotton Wicking

✦ Organic & Pesticide-Free Plant Material

✦ Reusable Glass Jar

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