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Available Online

Intuitive Card Readings

  • 45 minutes
  • 60 US dollars
  • The Moon Den ~ Online|Luna Nova Sayville

Service Description

If you are looking for spiritual support & inspiration, this session is for you! However, if you are looking for “answers” to specific questions, or any kind of future prediction, I feel it’s important to clarify that this is never the intention of a reading. Additionally, readings should never be viewed as a replacement for therapy or medical advice. My signature readings are made up of two segments: ~A personalized breathwork & visualization practice ~The channeling of messages via card spreads & seasonal observations. (I personally work with the Centennial Smith Waite cards as well as various Oracle decks, depending on the matter at hand.) Perhaps that’s all you feel you need to know! For those who are still skeptical, or would like to know more about my approach, read on… ~ The first part of our session is dedicated to grounding the mind & body. In my many years of experience, research, and study, it has been affirmed time & time again that clarity comes most easily when we enter meditative states. As a teacher/student of meditation, mindfulness, and other Eastern Arts, it is my absolute honor to offer personalized practices within the context of the reading to help you reconnect with your intentions & personal intuition. Through these practices, we increase the parasympathetic function of the nervous system, creating a relaxed state in the physical body & emotional mind, inviting clarity to come through. Next, I will open the space to receive wisdom from the cards & the cosmos. Keep in mind, Nature & Sky do not “make things happen”, and Tarot cards do not predict a specific outcome. Rather, these archetypal energies reveal new layers of insight to help reconnect us with our soul's purpose. As we make our way through these messages, we will follow their guidance with reverence, in pursuit of deeper understanding & spiritual growth. "At The Center Of Your Being, You Have The Answer" ~ Lao Tzu

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